Drill press reviews

Ultimate Drill Press Buying Guide

Things to consider before reading drill press reviews

By owning one of these amazing power tools you will be amazed by its great number of functions and with the right accessories you will have in your possession the most versatile tool ever. When you’re ready to take your home woodworking to a whole new level, then it is time for you to purchase a drill press.

Yes, I know

It can be slightly overwhelming when you’re on the market for a drill press, as there are so many out there to choose from.

A drill press is an essential tool for drilling precisely spaced holes or boring to exact depths. With the right set-up it will allow you to bore at almost any angle without fear of the drill bit walking or reaming the hole out of round. A drill press was designed initially for metalworking crafts, and today it has become one of the most multipurpose tools you can find in shops.

And that’s not all

This device allows you to use cutting tools, jigs, and attachments which can make it into a real powerhouse. These extra attachments can change the machine into a pocket hole device, spindle sander, buffer, grinder, and a mortise unit.

So when you find a high class drill press, it will not only drill into metal, but also cut into wood and undertake other woodworking operations. Some people even claim that after a table saw, a drill press clearly represents the second most important piece of equipment that you can have in the typical home workshop. Also when taking into consideration its given versatility and relatively low price, a drill press is an excellent investment.

Be armed with facts

All these advantages and features may invoke the desire to have your own drill press. However, the choice for the right one isn’t an easy one, and you need to be armed with facts before you make your purchase.

But don’t worry

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll highlight what you need to look for when you are in a search for the perfect drill press. This will allow you to narrow down the competition and find that press that is ideal for you and your intended usage.

Top 12 drill press models

There is literally a sea full of different kinds of drill presses. They all have their pros and cons, but in order to make your decision easier and faster, here are some of the top models ranked according to the money you are willing to spent.

Top drill presses under $200

1.EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00) Bench-Top Drill Press

eurotool drill press
EURO TOOL (DRL-300.00), photo: Amazon

A small yet very durable and reliable bench-top drill press. It possesses enough power which fit all your drilling needs.

Have in mind that

It’s meant for small home applications and general woodworking. This drill press is adorable and able to serve you perfectly for your jewelry or wood projects. It is very light weight and can easily be moved from one place to another. It very easy to assemble and the package also includes one replacement belt.

As far as features go

You can choose the optimal drilling speed depending on the material. It offers you considerable mechanical advantage and has three drill settings that allow a range of 0-8500 RPM.

Why buy it?

At an extremely affordable price you will get a really good drill press which will give you high quality service for your small drilling projects. Easy tool for practical usage.

2.Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill Press

grizzly drill press
Grizzly G7942 Five Speed Baby Drill Press, photo: Amazon

Baby Grizzly drill press which is considered to be perfect for small shops and home usage. This small bench drill press can be easily put away when you finish the drilling. It represents a fantastic compact solution and is also great for miniature work.

The most important features

1/3 horsepower motor, drill chuck of 1-64-Inch – 1/2-Inch, option of using 5 speeds and a table which tilts 90-degrees to left and right.

This drill press gives you the opportunity to work easily with a high-powered machine and with materials such as harder wood. When you buy it, you should keep in mind that the assembly time is 2 – 3 hours.

To sum up

This drill press has a silent performance, it’s easy to store and has a powerful motor. The low price and quality of the given product also need to be taken into consideration when buying because when it comes to purchasing almost anything, everybody is looking for the best quality for a small price. With this model, you can expect years of trouble-free enjoyable operation.

3.SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press

skill drill press review
SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press, photo: Amazon

This drill press has a tilting work surface and a variety of other options which offer the users incredible diversity of use. With its superior design, it provides incredible precision for this extremely affordable price. The assembly process is really easy due to the very straightforward instructions.

The key features

This unit has a 3.2 amp motor which comes along with a aserX2 2 Beam Laser System. Precisely the team work of these two offers great precision. There is also the 5 Speed, 570 – 3,050 RPM drill speed that provides the power you need to complete even the most challenging jobs. You also get a 0 – 45 degrees left and right swivel.

And the best part is

It is battery powered which means you don’t have to run a line to any outlet which provides increased utility in a broad range of settings.

To conclude

This drill press is a solid option for many users because it represents a reliable product that performs well above its price. If it fits your budget, you should have no doubt and strongly consider of buying the SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press.

4.Rockwell RK7033 10-Inch Drill Press

Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press, photo: Amazon

This drill press can make you fall in love with a drilling machine.

You are wondering: How is that possible?

Firstly, it works equally effective on wood, metal and plastic materials. The high function capacity motor produces a lot of energy which is sufficient for any drilling task. It is easy to use and it can cut down your drilling time to half, also it is ideal for drilling various materials in larger projects.

Key features

Multiple settings for performance, offers you the chance to take advantage of the 45-degree bevel left and right. The table can be adjusted to suit different heights and the powerful 6.2 amp, 2/3 horsepower motor promises to deliver amazing value and performance for users.

There is more

It possesses a 5-speed setting and a built in key protected switch, which makes your life much safer. The Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press is a handy tool that you can easily carry around your workshop or at any other place for drilling holes in varied range of materials.

Final verdict

This drill press is a perfect combination of safety, durability and efficiency. An ideal choice for industrial workshops as well as home workshops. Spend a little money and fall in love for the rest of your life.

Top drill presses under $500

1.Craftsman 12in Drill Press

top drill press under 500$
Craftsman 12in Drill Press, photo: Amazon

A dependable drill press which is designed to be an industry standard for quality. It is a reliable unit which provides a wide range of drilling options which saves your time by speeding up the process.

A word about the features

This drill press has a 5-speed setting, an adjustable fence which provides additional control and helps to prevent repetitive drilling mistakes. The swivel knob design also allows for a range of options with very little effort and quick change.

The best part is

The adjustable LED which improves your visibility and work far easier. Precise drilling depths are also possible due to the rack and pinion for accurate height adjustments. Steel and cast iron construction, this drill press by craftsman is stable, reliable, and toned down for a professional look.

Why buy it?

Well if you are an individual interested in having a larger drill press for your home usage, and not spending too much money on it, this is a perfect choice for you. Wide range of usage, excellent service, fast working, easy assembly. The Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press was designed to allow people to get to work as quickly as possible.

2.SHOP FOX W1670

shop fox drill press review
SHOP FOX W1670, photo: Amazon

The most versatile and the most popular drill press on the market. With tilt-able head and table, an incredible array of positions and drill types can be accomplished, effectively reducing time and additional machining parts in the process.

Key features

A head tilt of 45 degrees left and 90 degrees right, 34” maximum swing, and 360% table swing. A ½ HP 110 volt motor, the W1670 Drill Press has five separate speeds, allowing for a greater degree of precision with your drilling.

The best part is

Speed range, which is 550, 880, 1,520, 2,490, and 3,470 RPM respectively. The drill press is famous for its angling and versatility. While bulky to set up, once placed this drill press will provide an excellent surface for drilling.

To conclude

  • Amazing range of angles
  • Amazing range of speeds
  • Various drilling options
  • Dependable drill press
  • Easy to set up
  • Worth the money
  • Much more quality for the cost

3.Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander

Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Drill Press, photo: Amazon

Another drill press from Shop Fox and yet again it’s a great one. It is recommendable for industrial purposes, since it can drill both on wood and metal at a very powerful speed. The assembly lasts around two hours and it is beautifully made with a solid construction.

The best part is

Not only can you use this item for drilling, it also comes with attachments to help you sand items as well.

Key features

The most important to mention is the powerful motor which enables drilling through a variety of materials. Spindle speed ranges from 250-3,050 RPM and the ¾ horsepower motor produces great drilling power capable of punching holes through any kind of material.

That’s not all

The W1668 offers the ability to tilt the table 90-degrees to both the left and right. It also has the option of adjusting the table height and tilt it to achieve the required angle for drilling or sanding. This unit also has one of the largest chucks in the market.

To sum up

The ability to be used as an oscillating sander is an enormous plus. This is an ideal combination of power and efficiency. Designed to meet the budgets of different types of homeowners. For a bench-top drilling machine, this piece is works perfectly well and therefore, can be trusted with any level of work.

4.WEN 4225 Drill Press

wen 4225 review
Wen 4225 Drill Press, photo: Amazon

An aesthetically pleasing drill press, easy to use and handle. It comes fitted with a stroke that measures 4 inches which makes drilling much easier than you expect.

In addition

Flexibility of the drill press allows speed adjustment between 280 RPM to an amazing 3300 RPM. This makes WEN 4225 one of the most powerful drill presses available.

Key features

A built-in work light, a precision laser, a 5/8 in. chuck and onboard chuck key storage. The chuck with Morse #2 spindle taper accepts bits anywhere from 1/12 to 5/8 inches in size.

That’s not all

A 12-inch by 12-inch cast iron work table pivots up to 45° in both directions. And it has an amazing digital readout reports the current RPM of the machine for increased accuracy when drilling.


This drill press is easy to assemble due to detailed instructions. The motor is quiet and smooth with minor vibrations on the drill press table. The large-size chuck holds a variety of bit sizes so you can be more productive and do more types of drilling jobs in the workshop. A spot-on drill press!

Top drill presses under $1000

1.Jet JDP-17 Drill Press

Jet jdp 3/4 hp Drill Press
Jet JDP 3/4 hp Drill Press, photo: Amazon

Drill press designed to provide outstanding performance from a full 5″ of spindle travel to the sturdy cast iron head with a poly v-belt drive system. Large 14 x 19″ precision ground work table features twin T-slot grooves and 4 table slots to accommodate any type of project. This is exactly what gives enough support with an edge designed for easy clamping.

Key features

The spindle which travels a full 5″ with one revolution of the handle. Powered by an efficient 3/4 HP, Single Phase, 115V TEFC motor. Power switch features a safety key and large, paddle-style off button.

And the best part is

To provide direct lighting while reducing shadows it also features a built-in, long lasting LED work light, same as others Jet products. Also, I would like to mention a large cast iron base, which provides stability.

The conclusion

Assembly was very straightforward and the table is magnificent! Flat edges for clamping and the built-in T-slots makes installing a fence easy. A great thing is also the controls which are located at the front of the head. This unit has the ability to make your life much easier.

2.JET 354165 JDP-15M Drill press

JET-354170 picture
JET-354170 Drill Press, photo: Amazon

Yet again JET has succeeded! This bench drill press comes with 16 speeds and is ideal for drilling as well as plating, routing, mortising, shaping, sanding and much more. Of course, it has a cast iron base, a drill press table and drill heads.

That is not all

This drill press packs plenty of power, smooth delivery and very little run-out of the chuck.

Key features

16 different speeds with a minimum of 200 rpm and a maximum speed of 3,630 rpm. The JET 354165 bench has a power output of 0.75 horsepower and can be operated from 115V or 230V power source.

In addition

A rotatable work-table measuring 10 inches by 13 inches can be bent to 45 degrees and its spindle can swing up to 15 inches.

To sum up

If you are looking for a quality drill press under $1000 this durable and powerful choice is for you. It will accomplish the given tasks flawlessly. The unit is quiet, operates smoothly, has incredible accuracy and stability. What more can you ask for?!

3.The Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L drill press top drill press under 1000$
Delta 18-900L drill press, photo: Amazon

A heavier and more powerful motor greatly improves performance. This is accompanied by a specially designed drill press table for enhanced accuracy and precision.

The most amazing thing is

The use of their TWIN LASER technology illustrates how much care Delta has put into the precision aspect of its Delta 18-900L, helping to add both to its appeal and inevitable cost.

Key features

Over 16 different speeds for drilling which provide a wide range of drilling options. The speed changing process is incredibly simple. The rack-and-pinion height adjustment system allows easy raising and lowering.

The magic continues

The auto-tensioning belt drive system allows efficient performance by constantly being at the right tension for your needs. The worker’s table features a patented design where it can bevel 0-90 degrees left and right. Also, the 6-inch quill stroke provides best-in-class capacity and accuracy.

To sum up

A dependable, sturdy and versatile laser drill press. It operates quietly, has a high precision level, fully adjustable TWIN LASER and 120 – volt capacity. For a laser drill, the price is truly reasonable and it will make you happy.

4.JET J-2550 20-Inch 1-HP drill press

jet j 2550 review
Jet j 2550 Drill Press, photo: Amazon

A drill press model made to last for a life time. It is built to be precise, durable and to have improved flexibility. JET J-2550 20-Inch 1-HP drill press is perfect for commercial and maintenance operations and offers a wider range of spindle speeds.

And that’s not all

The head casting features a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly, using four heavy-duty ball bearings mounted in an enclosed quill for extended life.

Key features

12 speeds ranging from 150 to 4200RPM, followed by an extra-large 16-1/2″ x 18-1/2″ work table which features twin t slots for work piece stability and has the ability to tilt a full 45 degrees and can hold items weighing up to 66 lbs.

The conclusion

Easy to assemble, with an amazing work table which has a magnificent capacity. The motor is strong, and the unit stable, durable and reliable like a true best friend who won’t let you down. If you have the money, just buy it, you won’t regret it!

Ultimate Drill Press Buying Guide


All conventional drill presses are made of three main parts: a base, column, table and head. The base is designed to support the machine, and usually features pre-drilled holes for fastening the drill press to the floor or to a bench. The column is typically made of steel, and is meant to hold the table and head so it is fastened firmly to the base. You have to have in mind that the length of the column determines if the drill press is a bench model or a floor model. Floor models feature a height range of 66 to 75 inches, while a bench model ranges from 23 to 48 inches.

Let’s get know the drills

The table is fixed to the column and can be moved to any point between the head and the base. The table may have slots in it to aid in clamping holding fixtures or work pieces. It also has sometimes a central hole through it. Some table models can be tilted to any angle, right or left, while other ones have a fixed position only.

And that’s not all

There is also a possibility of having an auxiliary table made of plywood or particleboard, which can be readily fastened to the regular drill press table. Auxiliary tables are available on some drill press models, or they can be custom made in the shop.

And it’s got a head

The term head is used to designate the entire working mechanism attached to the upper part of the column. The most essential part of the head is the spindle which revolves in a vertical position and is housed in bearings at either end of a movable sleeve, called the quill.

The quill, which is responsible of carrying the spindle, is moved downward by means of a simple rack-and-pinion gearing, worked by the feed lever. When the feed handle is released, by means of a spring the quill is returned to its normal up position. Adjustments are provided for locking the quill and presetting the depth to which the quill can travel dependent on the type of hole you are going to make. The quill usually has a stroke or travel of from 2 to 3-1/4 in. in most home workshop models.

What’s a geared chuck?

When doing your research about the topic, you will see that a typical drill press has a 1/2 inch capacity geared chuck with a key. This is here to provide you with the best grip onto your work. This is an accessory, and not all models have it, but it’s a good thing to have. The majority of drill press accessories will fit directly into the geared chuck.

Little more about the spindle

The spindle usually is driven by a stepped-cone pulley or pulleys connected by a V-belt to a similar pulley on the motor. The motor usually is bolted to a plate on the head casting in the rear of the column. The average range of speeds is from 250 to about 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Because the motor shaft stands vertically, a sealed ball-bearing motor should be used as a power unit. For average work, a 1/4 or 3/4 horsepower motor will get the job done.

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When it comes to size, the capacity of the drill press is determined by the distance from the center of the chuck to the front of the column, which is expressed as a diameter.

Let’s explain

In order to explain the importance of sizing, we will give a simple example: a 16-1/2 in. drill press will drill a hole through the center of a round piece of stock that is 16-1/2 in. in diameter. The actual distance from the center of the chuck to the front of the column is 8-1/4 inches. Conventional drill press sizes for home workshops generally range from 8 to 17 inches.

Model Variations

When shopping for a drill press, you’ll have to choose between four models:

1. Bench-top drill presses mount directly to a workbench or on their own stands. Their compact size makes bench-top models good choices for small shops. When consumers select a bench-top unit, they can expect the machine to swing from 8 to 12 inches.

That’s not all

In addition, the device’s stroke will reach from 2 to 3 3/8 inches. A bench-top unit will store easily in small spaces and will typically cost less than other drill press models. Buyers should expect the machine to cover simple household jobs or light professional tasks.

2. Floor-model drill presses usually have more powerful motors, more attachments/accessories and greater material handling capacities than bench-tops. With a floor-standing unit, users will receive a swing that stretches from 13 to 20 inches along with a stroke from 3 to 6 inches.

More, more and more

Since floor-standing machines offer more power and a greater capacity, users can expect the unit to complete regular and heavy-duty tasks. A standing machine is also ideal for professional use.

3. With magnetic drill presses users will appreciate the unit’s swing, which will reach from 4 to over 8 inches. In addition, a magnetic drill press will bore through steel objects that are over four inches thick. Users can easily move the drill press from site to site. In most cases, professional metalworkers require the heavy-duty device.

4. A radial drill press offers users a swing of at least 24 inches while the machine features specially designed equipment to permit angled drilling. The wide swing will help a drill user cut through broad materials and is typically a tool that regular drill press users require. Consumers may also consider a radial unit when they often drill materials that are wider than 17 inches.

You must know these features!

You’re going to discover that a drill press is one of the most versatile tools that you can own, and when looking for the right press for you it’s important to find a model that has the qualities and operating features that allow you to get the most out of your power tool. Here are some of the most important features that you can find when seeking to add a drill press to your home workshop.

Let’s start

  • The entire drill press should be solidly constructed to allow for long life and prolonged precision work.
  • The table and base should be ribbed for strength and rigidity. They also should be slotted. The table should have slats or ledges on the sides for clamping the work. (This offers convenience and safety to the user.)
  • The table should be ground flat for accurate work, and the base should also have a flat surface for holding large work pieces. The table should be easily adjusted up or down, left or right, for adapting to different drilling situations.
  • The head should be cast iron, which offers excellent support and protection for the most important parts of the drill press — the motor, quill and pinion shaft.
  • The drill press should be equipped with a chuck that is tightened by a wrench or key rather than by hand. The chuck should have a 1/2 in. capacity so it will accommodate bits of various sizes and accessories. Many drills feature a taper-mounted chuck. By having a taper-mounted chuck, the run-out is practically eliminated and the user is assured of accurate drilling. Some chucks feature a self-ejecting key, which insures that the key is not left in the chuck accidentally.
  • The depth-adjustment gauge allows the user to drill many holes at the same depth as the original hole. It eliminates any guesswork and allows precise, accurate drilling.
  • The drill press should have an adjustable motor bracket support that is sturdily constructed to support the motor, yet is easily movable to as-sure proper belt tension.
  • The drill press should have a selection of speeds for drilling wood, metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. Some drills feature a triple pulley arrangement for easy selection of 12 different speeds, ranging from a low of 250 rpm to a high of 3,000 rpm.
  • Be certain you can get proper replacement parts and service if needed.
  • A complete line of accessories will help you get the most from your machine. Accessories available from the manufacturer of the tool that you buy are designed for your particular tool. This eliminates having to use makeshift arrangements in order to use your tool to its best advantage.
  • It pays to equip your workshop with the best in power tools. Choose a drill press produced by a manufacturer who has established a record of quality and reliability.

2. Drill press parts

When you are a proud drill press owner it is most likely that at some point you will have drill press issues. Regardless of the quality and the high price of your drill press, nothing lasts forever. Here are some of the parts which cause problems in drill presses most often.

The mortising attachment

This attachment offers a simple and convenient way of converting a pillar drill press into a lightweight morticing machine. It saves you the trouble of buying a mortiser if you already own a drill press. It takes a bit longer to set up and your drill press must provide enough leverage required for the attachment to work fine (large, floor drill press model).

Keep in mind

If you don’t have a proper drill required for this, don’t buy the attachment it will be a complete waste of your money and time.

The spindle

The drill press spindle is the part which puts up quite a beating as it is the part that actually rotates while you do the drilling. It can bend or the bearings which hold it can fail when the spindle suffers under too much pressure. In this case, it’s better to buy a new spindle and replace it. Replacing the spindle can be done at home, but it’s not the easiest of home repairs.


The chuck

A drill press chuck is likely to wear and tear, and some parts can even become unaligned with repetitive usage. Before giving up on the chuck and buying a new one, first clean the old one, that might be the thing that’s causing problems.

The chuck


The easiest way of removing the chuck is to use the chuck removal tool which is shaped to fit inside the special access window on the spindle. If you don’t have this tool, don’t worry, you can just use a hammer and a strong piece of hardwood.

The belt

Belt slippage is one of the most common problems for drill press users. The solution is to tighten the beggar but if this does not work, you need to get a new belt. Old belts have a tendency to slip due to glazing and wear. Belts are not expensive, so you can save yourselves the trouble and get a new one right away.

3. Drill press table

Owning a drill press without a proper drill press table is like having a beautiful wife who just can’t cook…which leaves you hungry. In this case, hungry for a firm support.

Drill press table, photo: woodsmithplans.com

Why is it important?

Having an appropriate drill press table offers you the most important factor when it comes to drilling – accuracy. Accuracy will give you perfect holes exactly where you want them and with great precision. A prefect drill press table also allows you to work without causing any hindrance and provides a dependable support for your upcoming projects.

Features info

The insert throat – a basic component that suffers all the impact and abuse. This part of the drill press table is therefore replaceable.

The fence – semicircular shaped clearance hole that allows the chuck to drill holes near to the fence.

The T-tracks – devices which allow you to adjust the jigs, fences and hold-downs.

The plastic laminate – placed on the top and bottom of the drill press table; keeps the product from warping and deteriorating due to humidity changes.

What do you need?

The two basic needs of any craftsman are repeatable precision and dependable versatility. This is what you need to expect from your drill press table. There are several options which provide you with these features: laser engraved fence face with a center scale; adjustable ruler that gives effortless positioning of the cross slide; or improved fence design with an extra handle clearance.

Another vital thing is a quality construction and setup.

With proper instructions, it shouldn’t be a problem to put together a drill press table by yourselves. Some models come with a covered spindle which protects the essential parts from dirt, while others are constructed with a microdot laminate that provides better grip. The holding power should be provided by the modifiable fence.

Recommended models

If you don’t have time to study various models in detail, here are a few highly recommended ones by users themselves.

  1. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools WPDPPACK1 – easily adjustable fence in all directions; makes drilling much easier and safer.
  2. Proxxon 27100 Micro Compound Table KT 70 – unit made for accuracy!
  3. MLCS 2326 – high quality drill press table with an unbeatable price.
  4. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools DP3FENCE Table – A perfect combination of high stability and reliability.

You will not make a mistake if you decide to buy anyone these. There is also a cheaper option, but only if you are a real DIY expert: you can build your own drill press table by following the proper instructions.

4. Drill press vice

This unit is one of the crucial components which accompanies your drill press. It role is to hold down the work piece and to keep it still during the hole making process.

drill press vise

Why do you need it?

The work piece is firmly secured between the jaws of the drill press vice and has no way of running away. Basically, you can’t make a perfect hole if your piece moves when the drilling starts.

But also

Due to the high amount of vibration that is experienced during the drilling, your vice needs to be capable of dampening vibrations and providing exceptional stability.

These are the types

  • Any angle precision drill press vice: flexible, has a up to 45 degree angle tilting capability in both directions.
  • Ultra-precision drill press vice: has one smooth and one grooved jaw used for inspection and grinding operations.
  • Self-centering vice: has two movable jaws that center themselves completely on the stock.
  • Cross slide drill press vice: suitable for operations that require the stock being precisely centered.

Drill press vises – Top choices

After getting to know this unit a bit closely, we offer you out top choices which are based on the users’ opinions. Know that with these you will not make a mistake!

  1. Meet IRWIN 226340

A forged iron drill press vice, which has proven to be effortless to use as well as well-engineered. It provides the required flexibility for mounting almost anything to you drill press table. Another feature is reliable functionality for precise drilling and even thin projects drilled vertically.

  1. Meet Wilmar Performance Tool W3939

Exceptional support for your drill press. It is built with grooved or edged jaws that stop the work piece from slipping and has a pivot handle that offers effortless turning to position your stock. This unit represents durable construction, smooth operations and full performance.

  1. Meet Wilton 69997

Fits majority of drill presses and it’s the perfect size for a variety of applications. It possesses easy mounting slots and hardened steel jaws. Also, it has a special pivot handle structure which provides additional clamping pressure.

  1. Meet Woodstock D4082

Virtually unbreakable. Well-made drill press vice which offers stability and reliability. Has an exclusive slide bar which prevents the jaws from tilting sideway or up, as well as adjustable gibs that take up any slack.

  1. Meet Wilton 11744 4 – inch

Made for several applications – including tapping, drilling and reaming. Tight and smooth, delivers on its claims like a champ.

These top choices can meet the requirements of any handy man in search for a drill press vice. Regardless on your budget and needs, your choice is here.

Major Considerations

When you’re looking for a drill press, compare the following:

  • Horsepower (HP) is the maximum power produced by the motor. Higher horsepower allows you to bore larger holes through tougher material. Drill presses are available with motors from 1/4 to 1 HP.
  • Size/center drilling capacity is determined by the distance from the centre of the chuck to the column. Since the press can bore a hole in a circle with a diameter two times the distance from the centre of the chuck to the column, the size is listed as twice the distance from the column to the centre of the chuck. A 16″ drill press can drill a hole up to 8″ from the edge of a straight board or at the centre of a 16″ diameter circle.
  • Variable speeds allow you to drill different diameter holes through different materials without damaging the material or drill bits. Drill presses are available with five to twelve speed settings. The more speed settings, the more versatile the drill press.
  • The table on most drill presses can be raised and lowered along the entire length of the column. It can also swivel 360° around the column for boring oddly shaped pieces. Better presses have large, tilting tables with fences.
  • Quill travel determines the depth to which the press can bore holes. Greater quill travel allows you to bore deeper holes.
  • Depth-stops control the depth to which the quill descends and limit the depth of the hole. Depth-stops are good for repetitive boring and dowel holes. The more precise your depth-stops, the more accurate your boring operations.

Accessories for better function

When choosing a drill press, check to see what accessories and attachments are standard and find out what other attachments the drill press accepts. If you’re just starting out, all the extras may seem unnecessary, but as your skill level rises, you’ll appreciate the added functions.

Look for the following things:

  • Fences attach to the table and help position stock for repetitive holes.
  • Mortising attachments connect to the quill for drilling precise mortises.
  • Sanding drums attach to the chuck for sanding irregular edges or patterns. You’ll find various sizes of sanding drums on the market, as well as aluminum oxide-coated sleeves for metal and garnet-coated sanding sleeves that are designed for wood. All of these can be found in different grits and sizes to accommodate various drums.
  • Planer heads attach to the chuck for squaring the edges of stock or cutting rabbets.
  • A lamp attachment is convenient for providing sufficient light on your work at all times. This enhances safety and ease of use.

There is more

  • Some other accessories that can also be used include rotary rasps, rotary files, and a chuck with a flexible shaft. You’ll find that the rotary rasps are beneficial for fast wood removal, shaping, and slotting. It’s also possible to use rotary files for filing metals, removing burrs and scale, elongating slots and holes, light milling, and various other metal finishing operations. A flexible shaft will allow you to use the drill press as a power source to sand, drill, and shape anywhere within reach of the shaft. Flexible shafts are usually about 40 inches in length.

Can’t do without them: drill bits

The bit is the most important part of the drill press. Without quality, well-maintained bits, the best press won’t function properly. When choosing your bits, match the bit to the material you’re boring.

  • Steel bits are inexpensive and work well for boring in softwood. Steel bits dull quickly in hardwood.
  • High-speed steel bits (HSS) are harder than steel bits and stay sharp longer.
  • Titanium coated bits cost slightly more than HSS bits, but their titanium coating is tougher so the bit stays sharp longer than HSS or steel bits.
  • Carbide-tipped bits are more expensive than other bits, but they stay sharp much longer than steel, high-speed steel or titanium bits.
  • Cobalt bits are extremely hard and dissipate heat quickly, they’re most commonly used for boring in stainless steel and other metals.

What do other people say?

Nowadays, when you decide to buy something, in our case a drill press, the first thing you will do is to check other people’s reviews on the topic. Their review always proves to be the most significant one, because they are the ones who have had real contact with the tool.

So let’s see what kind of advice they can give us:

“I have a Taiwanese floor mounted drill press sold here under the name Remag. It was sold as a heavy duty machine. It has a good, heavy tee slotted table with a coolant channel around the edge and is rated at 32 mm in steel. Good points are: Heavy solid castings, adjustable, lockable quill, geared table lift and good table lock, good, accurate 5/8 chuck in 3 MT spindle, 5″ quill travel.”

Listen to this guy:

“A Delta 16-1/2″ VS drill press showroom-model for a pretty decent discount on a clearance sale. Likes: worm drive table adjust up & down, infinitely variable sheave, great up to 1/2″ holes in steel, 6″ quill travel convenient for different length bits and size work pieces”.

Another satisfied user:

“I’m happy with both a Clausing variable speed drill press and a Rockwell Delta. But, finding a used drill press in good shape with the morse taper socket you want may be tough. The JT33 taper types outnumber these probably 10 to 1 in home shop sizes. For that reason, you might consider a used round column mill drill. Just fine for drilling, less deflection than a Clausing, Delta, etc., decent quill with 5″ travel, and an x-y table with t-slots as a bonus. Now that everyone wants a dovetail mill, prices may be dropping a bit.”

To conclude

By owning one of these amazing power tools you will be amazed by its great number of functions and with the right accessories you will have in your possession the most versatile tool ever. When you’re ready to take your home woodworking to a whole new level, then it is time for you to purchase a drill press.

Yes I know…

It can be slightly overwhelming when you’re on the market for a drill press, as there are so many out there to choose from. The above buyer’s guide is intended to give you a head start on the road to finding the right press for you. Once you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be much better equipped to find a press that is just perfect.

Don’t forget

Consider what size of press you want, how much you want to spend, and what you will be using your press for. Answering these questions will guide you on the path. A proper drill press can work in your home shop more efficient and easier than ever. Consumers will find drill presses from manufacturers that include DeltaGrizzly, and Milwaukee, are with benefits that include separate material feed positions, portability, and control panels.

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