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How to

How to drill out a deadbolt


Drilling out a deadbolt lock is considered to be your last option, I hope you tried picking on the lock first. This is not a difficult process but you should know it will destroy your lock completely because it will break the tumbler pins.

Things that you need

For doing this simple job you need to have a power drill, a proper drill bit (masonry or HSS drill bits are recommended) and spray lubricant.

The drilling

First spray the drill bit with lubricant so that it is completely covered, and then spray it inside the deadbolt and around the external edge of the key hole. When you have done that, place the drill bit on the center of the key hole and start drilling. Apply gentle pressure and lubricant while you drill to that you will keep the friction from breaking the drill bit. Keep doing this until you break through the rear of the lock and all the tumbler pins are off. When you are done use a screwdriver to turn the lock and unlock the door.

Drilling door for a deadbolt

You want a deadbolt on your door, but that requires of you to drill the door for a deadbolt. First you will need to determine the place of your hole and use a template designed for this which has reference points that may be marked on the door with an awl, and then get a hole saw which you will attach to your drill. The place for your deadbolt should be at least 6″ above your doorknob. You can use your regular drill to drive the hole saw, but you need to make sure that the drill shaft is perfectly vertical or very close. Before you start drilling the door with a hole saw, you will first need to make a pilot hole on the center mark with a regular drill bit which will serve as a guide. It is recommended that you use a drill with a side handle. Chances are the saw won’t be deep enough to drill all the way through. If not, use a bit to drill far enough to expose the hole on the opposite side. Then use the hole saw from the back side to finish the hole. After you have finished drilling, you will need another hole (about 7/8 inch diameter) for the deadbolt latch. This hole is located in the center of the door’s edge in line with the larger previously made hole. Use a 7/8-inch spade bit to drill a hole in the center of the door edge and then drill an additional 3/8-inch into the back of the side hole.

Your holes are ready and you can now easily install your deadbolt lock.


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