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Review: WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

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On September 28, 2015
Last modified:September 17, 2015


Remember WEN?

They have been designing and distributing high quality and affordable power tools for decades. Founded by Nick Anton in 1951, WEN originally made its mark by helping bring tools and electricity together – “putting the power into power tools”. Their research and development team played a vital role in helping to develop a variety of common everyday tools. WEN even pioneered random orbital technology, and since then, their expertise has expanded to encompass a wide variety of products including drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders etc. By 2001, they had already sold over 50 million consumer units. Today, WEN’s headquarters can be found in Elgin, Illinois. And their goal is to help woodworkers and artisans across the world to execute their wildest imaginations. The warranty is a 2 year one and as far as the place of production is concerned there is a “struggle” between made in China and made in USA.

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

#1 Best seller

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press is rated by Amazon users with 4.1 stars out of 5. And also carries the title of Number One best seller in stationary drills. If you are looking for a multipurpose and compact home drill that has a host of exceptional features and is in the affordable range, WEN 4208 8- Inch 5 Speed can be a good choice. This device is suitable for all people who want to complete their tasks immediately and is very useful to make some holes in any types of materials, such as iron and other materials. This machine can finish all projects very quickly. WEN drill press 4212 is recommended for people who want to find flexible drill press that can meet their needs. It is very comfortable to use this powerful device. All this for 80$!

In the package you will find…

Well a WEN 4208 Drill! No surprise there. If you dig deeper there is also an inch chuck with a chuck key, tools and manuals required for assembly and in built laser guides. No crowd in that box. A bright yellow and black finish gives the WEN 4208 an attractive look and makes it feel like a premium product.

Key features and dimensions

This product can also be popular because of its influential motor. The motor is extremely durable with regard to long time. People don’t need to replace the actual motor for a long period without getting any difficulties. This motor is definitely an important part out of this drill push machine.

The 1/3 HP actual induction motor provides enough capacity to tackle even probably the most resistive supplies. The 5 pace motor can function in wide selection from 620-3100 RPM and it is reliable as well as durable. This motor includes different pace levels, such as 3100, 2340, 1720, 1100, as well as 620 RPM. It enables all users to make use of this machine depending on their requirements. Also the spindle travel has an easy to read linear depth stop to make things easier for users. The drill press does not produce any noise and works as quietly as possible leading to a better working environment in your workshop. The product weighs about 32 pounds which is not much compared to some of the other products in the market and the product dimensions are 7.5 x 22.9 x 11 inches.

  • Weight: 33.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 22.9 x 11 inches
  • Origin: China
  • Style: 8 Inch 5 Speed
  • Warranty Description: 2 year
  • Includes: Drill Press, 1/2″ Keyed Chuck, Chuck Key and Tools for Assembly

What do customers have to say?

Under the headline “awesome” a user says: “This thing is just great. The chuck, bearings, and alignment is spot on. There is no wobble from the end of the chuck that I have the ability to detect at all. A long quality bit doesn’t rattle around at all. The variable speed adjustment works fine” while another states: “Got the 8-inch 5 Speed drill press and am blown away by the quality. Given that it was only $80, I wasn’t expecting much performance but got it anyway since I needed it for a small job so it didn’t need to last and last.” One happy camper told: “I think it was well worth the money”.

Pros and cons

Pros: Flexible height; flexible program with spindle journey of two inches with regard to having repeatable drilling procedures easily; quality of the motor is actually strong as well as durable; users may drill quickly using the 5 pace change option; offers precision even throughout repeated drill operation.

Cons: Doesn’t provide simplicity; drill press can occasionally wobble throughout usage.

Final saying

All things considered, when people are searching for the greatest drill press available on the market, they should check out the WEN 4208. This product is additionally very long lasting for a long usage. It’s very widespread because of its high overall performance system. It would work for drilling any kind of materials, such as plastic, wooden, metal, plus some other supplies.

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