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How to drill quartz

Quartz exceeds the drilling capability of a standard metal drill bit with its hardness of seven. When drilling quartz crystal with a metal drill bit the heat which is created by friction can crack the quartz crystal and you will be left with a dull drill bit. So to drill quartz, you would require a drill bit made of material which is harder than quartz. The obvious choice are diamond – tipped drill bits with the hardness of ten, bonded to a carbide arbor. But even with the proper drill bit, you need to be careful when it comes to friction.

Things you will need

drilling quartzWell first you have to protect yourself, so

  • grab a pair of safety glasses or a face shield,

you will also need some:

  • cold water,
  • a clean rag,
  • a rotary drill

and of course – a diamond drill bit.

Let’s begin

First dip a clean rag in the cold water and leave the rag dripping wet for the next step.

Wrap the quartz with the wet rag but leave the area where you need to drill the hole exposed.

You can also put the quartz crystal in a bowl of water instead of using a rag. Put on your safety glasses, leather work gloves and the face shield. Place the diamond drill bit in the mandrel of the rotary tool and place a second clean rag into the cold water. Set the speed of the rotary tool to a normal to middle speed and begin drilling into the quartz. You need to keep the bit at a 90 degree angle so that you produce a straight hole. Apply just enough pressure to let the rotary tool do its job. Continue drilling as you cool the stone and drill bit with the cold water. After you have done dry the quartz crystal and your job is done.

How to drill quartz countertop

To ensure the safety of your quartz countertop, it is always advisable to seek professional assistance when it comes to installing and fitting your kitchen worktop. Quartz is such a heavy and strong material that requires special treatment to avoid any damages happening to the surface.

You will need:

  • a drill with a diamond core bit,
  • drilling template,
  • some modeling clay, and
  • a coolant that is water.

With this equipment you can drill an easy hole in your kitchen’s top. Follow these instructions, you can easily drill a hole in a quartz top like a professional:

Put the template on the surface in the area you want to dig the hole. Lubricate the hole in the template with water to smoothen the work of the drill bit. Upon drilling, always ensure to keep the drilling speed to a minimum and avoid applying pressure and let the drill go with its normal pace, lest any breakage would happen in the surface. By reaching a ¼ inch deep hole, remove the template and form dam around the hole with the modeling clay. Continue drilling with constantly lubricating the work area with water. Towards the end, be careful of the pressure, you need to cautiously support the drill to cut the hole, but without applying too much pressure that would result in chipping your surface!


Just follow these instructions, and you will easily drill a hole in your quartz countertop.

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