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Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press Review

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On April 15, 2016
Last modified:April 28, 2016


About the company

Since 1921, Powermatic has set the Gold Standard for quality and durability for the master woodworker. With innovative products for both commercial and home hobbyists’ shops, Powermatic is unanimously regarded as the epitome of woodworking brilliance.

As you know…

Woodworking is a hobby and a profession that keeps your mind and hands busy. If your budget is tight, Powermatic offers the solution: both quality and affordability. If you are looking for a dust collection system, table saw, band saw or anything in between, Powermatic is the answer. If you are setting up a new work shop or just up-sizing your present one, Powermatic has the machines that will make your dreams come true. Being that budgets vary, we love the periodic woodworking sales they run. So take a deep breath and don’t worry, you will find great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment when completing your projects with high standard Powermatic tools.

Powermatic PM2800B review
Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press

The PM2800B brings simplicity to your shop. An ease of use that is truly unique. A level of mechanical elegance that you’ll only find in a Powermatic. As with every product Powermatic builds, the PM2800B drill press pushes the limits of design, innovation, and durability. This drill press features an over-sized cast iron base for stability and 2 independent LED work lights for improved visibility. For improved accuracy it also features a digital RPM readout, allowing you to optimize the spindle speed to the application, and laser guides for accurate indication for the tool point.

But that’s not all:

The Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press is designed with reversible handles mounted to either side of the machine for a higher level of comfort while working the quill and a work table that can be rotated to a full 90 degree position.

What’s in the box?

  • One Powermatic HP Drill Press, PM2800B
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Instructions/Manual

Dimensions and specific features

  • The drill’s dimensions are: height of 68 inches, width of 23.5 inches and a diameter of 31.5 inches.
  • It is 209 pounds heavy.
  • The drill has a large table for use to place material with a width of 14 inches and a diameter of 16 inches and this can be increased to if need be to a width of 30 inches.
  • It has a chuck which does not need a key when changes are needed. So it is user friendly.
  • Adjustable material stop makes repetitive actions accurate and quick.
  • Replaceable square table insert with leveling screws make it flush with the top of the table.
  • Safety key prevents accidental starting.

User review

I bought this drill press for metal and woodworking projects. In metal the RPM range is awesome, and in wood, it has power to spare. The large table is nice and the fence is excellent.

Adam W.

The best part is:

Changing speeds is as simple as riding a bike, very easy and reliable. It is an easy, simple drill so it can be used by anyone.

Useful video:


Pros and cons


  • Speed: It is a speed drill. You can adjust its speed depending on what you are working with.
  • Easy to use
  • Flexibility and durability: Can be adjusted to suit work requirements, because it can make a full swing of 18 inches, and has a spindle to base of 47 inches. It has a range of 400-3000 spindle which makes it easy to adjust the speed making it very much user friendly.


  • It is very heavy
  • You might need help to set it up
  • It can be noisy


The Powermatic PM2800B drill was designed with the user in mind. It is user friendly and it will make work simple and easy for you. It is has excellent performance and therefore it reduces disappointments at your work place. Its ability to adjust makes it perfect in its work.

What’s the bottom line?

The PM2800B is the culmination of the company’s efforts. The PM2800B drill press brings simplicity to your workshop. An ease of use that is truly unique. A level of mechanical elegance that you’ll only find in a Powermatic.

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