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Review: The Woodtek 162497 Drill Press

Review of: Woodtek 162497

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On August 16, 2015
Last modified:September 1, 2015


Woodtek, a company based in Texas, has been responsible for producing some of the highest quality power tools and industrial equipment options made in the USA since 1990, and continues to release new and innovative solutions every year. Trusted by craftsmen, contractors, and professionals that rely on highly engineered and precise tools to help them get the job done right the first time around, each and every one of the tools produced by this company meet or exceed expectations. All of them are manufactured out of high-end construction materials, and each of them take advantage of advanced engineering innovations pioneered by the Woodtek company.
The Woodtek 162497 benchtop drill press is no exception.
woodtek 162497
Woodtek 162497, Machinery, Drill Presses, 13″ Bench Top Drill Press

The Woodtek 162497

A relatively compact drill press as far as benchtop solutions are concerned, this Woodtek drill press is going to provide individuals and businesses with the opportunity to fabricate products and projects out of seemingly every construction material available thanks to the engineering contained within this quality press. Multiple speeds and multiple power settings are available to give operators the opportunity to find to this drill for the particular task at hand, and since it is so lightweight (yet incredibly stable) it can be maneuvered around the shop without any real difficulty whatsoever. Though there are a lot of different drill press options available in the benchtop format, few (if any) are going to offer the same kind of benefits that this one will – especially at such an affordable price point!

What’s in the box

Here’s what you get when your buy the Woodtek 162497 Drill Press. When you purchase this drill press station, you are going to receive absolutely everything you need to use the equipment right out of the box. This drill press is going to be shipped directly to your door already assembled, and though that is going to require customers to choose from a limited amount of shipping options (this is an oversized product to ship, there is no doubt about that), you aren’t going to have to worry about assembling anything when it’s finally delivered to your doorstep. You’ll receive the actual drill press system itself as well as the powerful motorboat, the adjustable stand, and the stationary base unit. All of this will be assembled (as mentioned above), and all you’ll have to do is plug the unit in to a standard wall outlet power source and you’ll be ready to begin drilling right away!

Standout Features

There are a bunch of different standout features that the Woodtek 162497 brings to the table, but the ones that craftsman and contractors alike are going to appreciate the most have to include:

  • The 13 inch clearance that this drill press makes of available, allowing for oversized projects to be drilled without any extra effort
  • The ½ hp motor that promises more than enough power and torque to go through almost any construction material imaginable.
  • The variable chuck speed (there are 16 different speed options) that allow operators to fine-tune the drill for perfect results every time out
  • The effortless “handcrank” operation that allows for precision drilling

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!



  • ½ hp motor
  • 195 through 3500 RPM adjustable speeds
  • 5/8 JPS Chuck
  • 13 three-quarter inch swing
  • 3 1/16 inch stroke
  • 9” x 11 7/16” worktable
  • 39 3/8 inches tall
  • Weighs just about 99 pounds

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with one customer stating “… at this price point, there is
no better drill press on the market”, and another mentioning “… I was able to drill through everything I threw at this press – it doesn’t get any better than this!” It currently has a five star out of five star rating on

customer review

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a budget based drill press that going to offer a tremendous
amount of versatility, the opportunity to drill through almost any construction material imaginable, and
the chance to work with a quality piece of equipment that you’re going to be able to trust for years and
years to come, you’ll want to get your hands on the Woodtek 162497 benchtop drill press.

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